Welfare Policy

Our Policy

The Welfare Policy of the Company is based on the welfare of the laborers and employees, giving them more than their legitimate due.

The following measures are taken to ensure that everyone who works for JB Industries is satisfied with his remuneration, fringe benefits, work atmosphere and welfare measures

  • All payments of mandated wages, overtime allowances, additional legal benefits and payments are promptly made
  • Hours worked on each day and days worked in each week do not exceed the maximum permitted by law
  • There is no child labor, forced labor, involuntary labor, bonded labor or any such practices that go against laws and natural justice
  • No form of physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, or other harassment or abuse is allowed in the workplace or lodgings provided by the Company
  • There is no discrimination based on caste, class, country, political or religious beliefs, gender, age, or any other distinction.
  • There is freedom of association and collective bargaining and there is no discrimination against those who engage in such activities or in favour of those who do not.
  • Health and safety of the staff and workers are ensured with adequate First Aid Kits, nurses and doctors, nutritive food, quality accommodation, sanitation facilities, fire safety measures, etc. at the workplace and the company lodging facilities.
  • Regular vaccinations for Tuberculosis & Hepatitis for both internal labor & their families
  • Participating in a fund which helps people access to clean drinking water and medical facilities
  • Participating in a fund which provides people access to start-up capital for their micro business needs
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