Dyeing And Finishing

Dyeing And Finishing

Dyeing And Finishing

Our Dyeing and Finishing Division comprises of latest and advanced dyeing machines from Theis with a production capacity of 25 tons per day. Our dyeing machines are capable of dyeing at the lowest liquor ratio of 1:4 which means that we generate the least possible quantity of effluent in knits dyeing today.

Our finishing equipment comprises of

·         Tube Tex from USA                         – Tubular Compaction (X1) , Open Width Compaction (X2)

·         Ferraro from Italy                             – Tubular Compaction

·         Corrino from Italy                             – Hydro Extractor + Padder

·         Santex from Switzerland               – Tensionless Dryer

·         Bruckner from Germany               – 5 Chamber Stenter (X1) , 8 Chamber Stenter (X1)

·         Lamperti from Italy                          – 4 Roll Carbonized Peaching/Sueding

 We are one of the leaders in Pakistan in Knitted apparel as we provide the highest quality standards using highly sophisticated and computerized dyeing and finishing machines for 100 % cotton, blended and 100% polyester fabric. We use direct and reactive dye stuffs.

 We guarantee our product commitment to the international standard of dimensional and color stability using (Eco-friendly) Oeko-tex and REACH complaint dye stuff and chemicals.

Our continued investment in a diverse range of production machinery enables us to dye a variety of products and offer a flexible range of services:

·         Ability to dye  both natural and synthetic fibers

·         Ability to process both tubular as well as open width fabrics

·         Ability to process wider fabrics upto 3.6 meters

·         Ability to process high elasthane content fabrics

·         Ability to provide controlled raising / brushing/ peaching finish

·         Ability to apply special finishes such as :

-          Platinum

-          Supersoft

-          Soil Release

-          Wicking

-          Antimicrobial

-          Hydro Repellent

·             Color swatch service allowing shade ranges to be produced from small fabric sample