Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

JB Industries believes in and practices a Quality at the Source philosophy to ensure all products and services meet or exceed our customer requirements at competitive prices. As individuals, we must always follow existing procedures and policies.

At JB Industries we believe in following proper procedures and policies to make sure we do it right the first time and every time.  We recognize the value of robust quality systems and are a  follower of ‘Six Sigma Approach’.  Our basic policy is to pursue "Zero defect quality". To achieve this we have the following systems in place :

·         Yarn storage by production date and lot

·         Knit fabric inspection (100%) on 4 point system

·         Dyed fabric matching from standard achieved by spectro photometer

·         Dye batch continuity maintained

·         Every dye batch tested for shrinkage, torque, gsm, colour fastness, cross staining, crocking etc

·         Dyed fabric inspection on 4 points system

·         Cutting ranges are monitored in terms of height and length by type of fabric

·         100% panel checking of fabric at cutting stage

·         During stitching, garments are monitored by line checkers and point checkers at every stage

·         General, final & super final inspection of garments after offline at AQL 2.5